Why I Chose A Maximalist Color Palette For Dragonfly Ave

Dragonfly Ave recently went through a new mini brand redesign & full website redesign which I couldn’t be more thrilled with! The biggest branding shift has been the color palette. Although the primary color palette it had originally is still the bones of the brand, I decided to expand the color options. Maximalist color palettes are definitely not for every brand, and honestly, sticking to 5 – 6 colors is really best for most businesses. But today, I wanted to go over the two main reasons why I chose a maximalist color palette for Dragonfly Ave.

1. Fixing Problems

Ultimately, anytime you go through a rebrand or redesign of any kind, it should be to fix problems or elevate your overall brand. You shouldn’t be redesigning just for the fun of it. So one of the main reasons I went with a maximalist color palette was to fix certain problems I had. One problem was that the colors I had were not great for accessibility. I loved the softer shades but they sucked when it came to wanting text to be a color and it being illegible. The types of graphics I really wanted to create included colorful text and I couldn’t do it before. Now, I have a mix of light and dark shades so I can use them in different ways. So that swap to a larger color palette was huge to what I could use in graphics and across my brand assets.

2. I Love Variety

Even though you’ll more than likely see me in an all black outfit on the daily, I do actually love using color and having a variety of options. The new maximalist colors feel very cohesive and work together but still give me a wide range to play with. Also, as a designer, I like different vibes and different styles. Sometimes it was very hard to stick with one and that lead to inconsistency with brand assets. Now, I feel like I have room to play while keeping with my brands color palette.

Now, again, I don’t think a maximalist color palette is right for everyone. However, if there are accessibility issues, brand inconsistency issues or you’re just always kind of creepin’ towards another color, then it may work for you. These were the reasons why I chose a maximalist color palette for Dragonfly Ave and honestly I’m really happy with the results and the ability to create more.

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