Why I decided to only offer custom WordPress websites

One of the bigger changes this year has been deciding to specialize in one website platform rather than an array. Before, apart from WordPress websites, I offered Squarespace + Shopify websites when requested. This year, I decided to niche down and focus solely on offer custom WordPress websites (with Shopify as an e-commerce request when woo-commerce wasn’t wanted). It was a tough decision but one that I’m truly happy I made. Here’s why I decided to only offer custom WordPress websites.

 1 | Positioning

In a crowded market, positioning yourself correctly and as an expert is crucial. Before, I felt I could never really market myself as an expert because I didn’t know everything about every platform. Although my forte was WordPress, it was still a struggle for me. Now, I can confidently approach potential customers as an expert in WordPress and position my web design studio better because of that. 


2 | Time + Focus

Keeping up with multiple platforms is not only time consuming but you’re really never able to be an expert. I noticed that I was spreading myself thin trying to keep up with multiple platforms and their subsequent changes/updates and trying to talk about each – which, I wasn’t even doing a good job at by the way. By narrowing down and deciding to focus on WordPress, it allows me to become a true expert, focus on learning only WordPress and all the tools around it (which are still a sh*t ton) and not worry about the other platforms. It was such a big stress lifted off my shoulders and gave me more confidence to pursue larger projects that needed WordPress. 


3 | Community

Building a community was one of my goals of 2020 and niching down allowed me to open up my world to fellow designers. Creating a designer directory of fellow designers using different platforms and being able to still provide value and assistance to those looking for help was such a beautiful win. It allowed me to eliminate that scarcity mentality and start to connect with other designers. This already helped me connect with awesome website developers that I can partner with when needed!

4 | side projects

Last year, I launched 2 side projects: minimum viable websites and techommend. That added to my workload and kept me busier than before. This year, I actually have 2 other side projects that I’d like to launch into the world and the reality was, specializing saved me time.  


It was a little terrifying to elimiate some services, but at the end of the day, they were holding me back. It’s important to streamline and simplify your business and focus on the work that’s actually working rather than just keeping stuff that isn’t working because you’re afraid it may poorly affect your business. In my case (and I believe in most cases) it actually postively affects your business and your life! If you’re interested in a WordPress website redesign, check out the design studio!





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