Why I Love Adobe XD

“I’m in love, I’m in love & I don’t care who knows it” – Elf and me when I talk about Adobe XD. But really though, I do truly love Adobe XD and it’s quickly become one of my favorite tools that I use in my business. So with that, I’m really excited to share why I love it so much and why I think you will to. 

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Yeah, you read that right, it’s free! Now, it comes free when you have any Adobe plan which is how I discovered it since I have the Adobe Create Cloud but it’s also free to download without any plan. There is a premium version if you’d like but the main two features that you’d be paying for is team collaborations & more storage space – so the paid plan is not a necessity.

If you don’t have it, you can download it here!

It’s easy to use

Unlike other Adobe programs that have a bit of a steeper learning curve, Adobe XD is actually very easy to use and learn. You can probably learn all the basics in 30mins – 1 hour. Images can be drag and dropped (similar to Canva) directly from your computer and exporting is a breeze. 

Helps you work faster

Adobe XD has something called components which are design elements you create (anything you want can become a component) that enables you to make changes across all repeated elements. Basically, you change the component & it updates all other repeated elements. When set up correctly, this can save a ton of time! Whether you use Adobe XD for web design and don’t want to update each button color individually or want to use it for social media or other business templates, it’s perfect. I have a couple blog & social media templates available in the shop where you can customize 42 graphics in seconds thanks to components. Honestly, it’s game changer.

Plus, if you need to create evenly spaced items, you can use repeat grids to easily multiple and space out design assets. 

Multiple Uses

Although Adobe XD was created for web apps & prototyping, there are actually a ton of things you can create within Adobe XD. They’ve even recently expanded to adding artboards pre-sized for different social media templates. Since you’re able to export in JPG, PNG, PDF & SVG files, you can create any type of design that fits those formats. This can include social media graphics, worksheets, proposals, website wireframes, icons, etc. 

I’ve worked with a lot of design programs and Adobe XD is by far my favorite. Not only do I think this is a great tool for designers and developers but also business owners of all types. If you have yet to check out or download Adobe XD, do so here and let me know your thoughts & experiences with it below!

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