Why I Moved From Woocommerce to Shopify

Dragonfly Ave recently went through a major brand & website redesign, which I’ve loved in every way. With the new design, I also made the decision to move my shop from WooCommerce to Shopify. This was a somewhat annoying decision to have to make primarily because of the amount of time it takes to move all the products, design & build the site and get everything set up on a new platform. However, I am ultimately glad that I made the decision to switch over and I wanted to share my reasons behind it.

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This decision to switch came somewhat abrubtley and mostly happened after I kept having issues with my hosting provider & even had some security issues. My site speed tanked and it even got shut down by my host due to a potential malware issue. Even when I got it back, I still had speed issues. The main realization that I had was that everything regarding my business lived on one space. My shop, my blog & my overall website lived on one domain & site and it scared me. I didn’t like the idea that if my site went down, I was essentially f*cked – because everything would go down. That made me reconsider the structure to my site and start making changes.

I’m lucky enough to have experience with Shopify and felt this was a great opportunity to switch my ecommerce over. Plus it would allow my main site to be independant from my online shop, and create more automnomy and less overall risk and reliance on one platform / site.

Should you switch?

Changing platforms, migrating sites or switching in general can be a tough decision to make. Even with my experience and know-how, I still find switching platfroms to be a major headache and something that fills me with a ton of anxiety. Either you’re doing things manually, using plugins & apps, paying someone else to do it or you just worry about losing something along the way. So I don’t take switching platforms lightly and definitely think you need to have a reason to switch.

I’m going to be diving a bit deeper into the differences between Woocommerce & Shopify in a future post so keep a look out for that. Again, my main reason for switching over had more to do with independence of my online shop than simply not liking Woocommerce. I think Woocommerce is a great option and works well for a lot of people, I also think Shopify is great and works for a lot of people.

If you’re debating on switching, make sure you have a concrete reason to, do your research, do a trial and play around and ultimately see if it will work better for your business.


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