Why you need a mood board for your brand

Mood boards are an essential part of my web design process and of creating a strong brand foundation. Not only are they incredibly fun to make but they also bring a cohesive style + visual inspiration to build your brand on. Today, I’ll be sharing why you need a mood board for your brand!


What is a mood board?

Let’s start with the first question, what is a mood board? Simply put, it’s a collage of images. For a little more context, a mood board is a visual collage or inspiration board that showcases a specific mood, vibe, aesthetic or feeling. Mood boards are often referred to as vibe boards, brand boards, inspiration boards, brand collages, etc. You can create a mood board by clipping magazines, going on Pinterest and pinning content, putting together a collage, etc.

The goal of a mood board is to create a cohesive style and feeling that will represent the business, brand, collection or message that you are trying to share with the world.



If you want to learn how to create a mood board, check out this tutorial!


Why you need a mood board for your brand

1. Strong Brand Foundation:

First off, you get a visual representation for the feeling you’re trying to achieve and share to the world. This gives you a very strong foundation for your brand moving forward. You know exactly what colors to use, the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, the images that work and the overall feeling you want to share.

2. Collaboration Becomes a Breeze:

Once you have a mood board, it becomes easier for fellow or new team members to understand your brands vibe. They can understand the look and essence of your brand without needing a ton of context. You’re able to share your mood board and future brand elements with other designers, marketers, V.A’s, etc with confidence that they’ll understand your brand. Really, a mood board makes collaborating much easier!

3. Moves You Forward:

Ultimately, a mood board drives your brand forward into the next design steps. Whether that’s your logo, brand identity, website, print collateral, etc. You can confidently move to the next steps of designing, building + growing your brand knowing that you’ve established a core feeling you want to emote. 

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