Why you should create a priority list

There was a time when my to-do list ruled my life. That time was roughly 2 weeks agos. However, since then I’ve been attempting something new and it’s really helped – so I thought it may be worth sharing. Recently, i’ve switched to limiting my daily to do list to the top 3-4 priorities and that is it. It feels crazy, but it’s been working wonders so far and I feel less stress that more often then not, I get even more done. Here’s why you should create a priority list – not a to do list. 


1. focus

When you have a large to do list, it’s easy to get distracted, jump from one task to the next + feel completely overwhelmed. All this leads to a lack of focus, a decrease in your productivity and even at times – uncompleted work. When you have a limited number of set daily priorities, you can streamline your day and actually focus on the tasks ahead. Since your focus is only on a few, you make sure that each task is fully completed so you can stop thinking about it and move on to the next. 

I limit my priority list to just 3-4 tasks. One of which is design work for my clients. After that, I get to focus on running + building my business.


2. less stress + guilt

Rasie your hand if you’ve ever felt stressed or guilty that you didn’t complete your to do list? Yup, me too! Stress + guilt don’t help you stay productive, they honestly just put you in a bad mood and who wants that. You’re more likely to get 3-4 tasks done each day than 20, which means you’ll leave feeling more accomplished + ready to tackle even more. Just having that positive energy allows for better performance.


3. more time

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month.” – Matthew Kelly 

This quote says it all.

When you combine a lack of focus + negative feelings, your productivity doesn’t really stand a chance. You can get it all done, sometimes just not all in one day. So setting your priorities tells you what you actually have to get done and what can wait untl tomorrow. In my personal experience, I’ve ended up completing my priority list and then adding getting even more done. If I don’t get to the extra work, I still feel good + ready to conquer the next day.



These were just 3 reasons why you should create priority list not a to do list. Honestly, I’m sure there’s more. Increased focus, better mood + higher productivity are all side effects when I stopped with my to-do list. So you shoud definitely try this out and let me know what you think!






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