Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Your Side Hustle

If you’ve decided to start your own business, it’s more than likely that you want to leave the 9-5 grind and have more time to do the things you love. However, for many of us, we don’t have the ability to simply quit and start working full time on our dreams. That’s where the side hustle comes in. You work your day job and hustle on business on the side, waiting on the day that you can leave it.


Working on your side hustle can be tough. You have your full-time dreams and barely any time. Plus you’re likely giving up fun nights out, sleep, and time with your family and friends. It seems easier to just quit your job and make it work.

Now one thing you may experience when working a side hustle is the shame of it being a side hustle or the shame around having to keep working your full time job. You end up feeling like a fraud, like you’re not really pursuing your dreams, or feel a sense of failure. I’ve been there and frankly still struggle at times. It’s a hard pill to swallow when you do see others quitting their jobs and you can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing so yet.

You have to keep in mind that everyone has a different set of circumstances. Some have families that rely on their paychecks, others have rent and bills to pay, some have all of that and more. Ultimately, you have to do what works best for you. Having your business be a side hustle doesn’t mean it’s not a viable and meaningful business. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you aren’t pursuing your dreams, it means that you’re doing what you need to do in order to pursue your dreams.

Plus here are 3  reasons why you shouldn’t be ashamed that that your business is a side hustle.

1 | You can invest in your dreams + support yourself

Since you’re already making money, not only can you support yourself and your family, but you have the opportunity to invest in your dreams. You’re able to purchase online systems, pay for a website, pay for your product to be made, etc. Personally, I know if I didn’t have money coming in, I wouldn’t been in a worse financial spot than if I had. Although, I can’t wait to be full-time, my day job has given me the chance to buy what I needed.

2 | You become better at time management + prioritizing

You don’t have a lot of time when you’re running a side hustle, time becomes your biggest commodity, so it becomes crucial for you to become a master at time management. Improving your skills at scheduling and valuing your own time will always be beneficial. Plus, with your limited time, you learn how to prioritize and focus on what’s most important. These tools are invaluable even when you transition into running a business full time.

3 | You’re able to take more risks + are okay failing

Having a full time job also provides a sense of security, not only financial but emotional and mental as well. It gives you the chance to take more risks and are more okay if things don’t work out right away. You are less likely to give up on your dreams because you either don’t have money to keep going or because you feel so defeated moving forward. It also keeps you from feeling that sense of desperation that can lead to major mistakes.

So you’re still running a side hustle, great! Be proud of yourself! You are doing what you need to do to follow your dreams and bring them to life.

Your turn! How has having a full-time job helped you with your business? Have you ever felt side hustle shame? How did you overcome it? Comment below!

Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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