WTF Is A Favicon? And The Top Reason You Need One

WTF is a favicon? And why do you need one? This one of those details on a website that, personally I feel, is the difference between a professional site and one that was for sure DIY-ed. Now, I’m not at all hatin’ on whether someone DIYs, I think that’s actually badass but regardless, you want to make sure that your site looks as professional as possible. That is where the favicon comes in. 

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WTF is a Favicon?

A favicon is a small icon that identify your website on browser address bars & bookmarks. They can also show up on browser history, browser toolbar and search bars. They are typically either a logo or small icon that work with your brand. For example, we have a dragonfly and gradient circle that identify our pages & shop. But they can be anything as long it’s legible at roughly 25px or less.

Why Do I Need One?

The top reason is branding & professionalism. Both of which help to build trust and credibility within your business. A favicon is one detail I always end of noticing – especially when someone doesn’t have a favicon on their website. Why? Because when you don’t add your own favicon, it shows the default favicon for your chosen platform.

  this is a WordPress default favicon

 this is a Squarespace default favicon

When I see a default favicon, I tend to think that there’s going to be something else missing from the site and that maybe this isn’t the most credible site to be on. It really is focusing on those little details that differentiate a design and business into the next level. So even if you use a simple circle with your brand color as your favicon – it’s going to look way better and you’re going to look more professional. Plus, people will be able to easily identify your website by that icon.

If you need help adding a favicon, check out our tutorial for how to add a favicon to a Squarespace website here

Although this may seem like a small detail, it can make a big impact on how others perceive your business and website. So now that you know what a favicon is and why it’s important, if you don’t have one – go do it!


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