You still need a website if you’re on social media or online marketplaces

So you’ve grown a big social following or are selling your products on online marketplaces and are wondering why the hell you need to spend money on your own website? Well that’s a very good question and although I may be biased because I’m a web designer myself, you STILL need a website even if you’re on social media or online marketplaces. If you haven’t read why a website is worth the investment, you may want to start there. But there are 2 other main reasons why it’s so important to have a website if you’re on social media or online marketplace, here’s why!

Online Marketplaces

Real quick, what are online marketplaces? Online marketplaces can be websites like Etsy, Amazon, Creative Market, Redbubble, etc. These are major companies that allow multiple vendors to sell their own products on their platform. These sites are great for getting started, bringing in sales, growing your business, testing out ideas & products because there are so many more eyes on these growing online marketplaces.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about why it’s important to still have your own website!


Ownership + Control

First off, social media & online marketplaces are great marketing tools, but they shouldn’t be the only place where your business lives. It really comes down to 2 things: ownership & control.  You do not own any of these companies and do not have any control over what decisions, limitations, or changes that occur. You do, however, own and control what happens on your website. You can decide what to sell, what information is allowed, etc. and you own it. What happens if Instagram goes away tomorrow? What happens if Etsy increases their transaction fees or decides that what you sell isn’t appropriate or allowed on their marketplace? Would your business still exist? 

Social media & online marketplaces should still be used but as an extension of your business, marketing strategy & revenue stream. They should not be the only place in which your business exists. 


Email Lists

Aside from ownership & control, the other important reason is that your website gives you the opportunity to grow an email list. An email list is what people subscribe to through a form on your website or landing page. This email list gives you the ability to foster deeper relationships and stay connected and front of mind with your subscribers. And, just like above, you own this list. 

I don’t want to discourage you in using online marketplaces or social media to grow your business, I mean, I use both! But I do want to make sure that your business and what you work so hard to do is protected and owned by you! 





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I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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